Exuberant. Irrepressible. Eccentric. Crazy. Colorful. Funny. Shocking. Offbeat. Outrageous!


These are just some of the words that were used to describe Gypsy Boots.


Starting in the late 1950’s, Gypsy opened his “Back to Nature” Health Hut in Los Angeles, where he would serve avocado and sprout sandwiches and entertain his guests, many of them celebrities of the time who knew they had discovered something new and unique.


It’s not surprising that television also discovered Gypsy.  He would come swinging in on a rope with his long hair flowing, wearing only a leopard skin loincloth, to a shocked and gasping, nation-wide audience on late night television.  Gypsy would hand the host some fresh squeezed carrot juice, a bowl of raw oats, a homemade “fruit smoothie”, or his all-natural “Boots Bar”.


His philosophy of Natural Health and Individuality was way ahead of its time. He was an odd-ball during a very conservative era.  His mission in life was to spread “Health and Happiness”.  And that’s what we’re doing today.  Spreading some of Gypsy’s “Health and Happiness”.

As Gypsy used to shout (he was very loud!) – “DON’T PANIC! GO ORGANIC!”



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