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Born in California in 1915, Gypsy Boots was one of the original “Nature Boys”.

Sleeping in hay fields, picking fresh fruit from the local orchards, he was the ultimate free spirit, with a love of natural foods, physical fitness, and a back-to-nature lifestyle.

By the 1950’s, the eccentric Gypsy was appearing on national TV – swinging in on a vine or banging a drum and telling the world (and shocked audiences) his philosophy of healthy living.  In an era of crew-cuts and conformity, the long-haired, bearded and bare-chested Gypsy wasn’t just ahead of

the times; he was from another planet.

In 1959, Gypsy and his wife Lois opened the "Back to Nature Health Hut" a tiki-themed joint where locals, celebrities and the curious gathered to be entertained, drink carrot juice, and snack on the nuts & fruits "Boots Bar".

Gypsy’s mission in life was to spread “Health and Happiness”.  We think it’s a good message to keep alive.


As Gypsy Boots (my dad, by the way) used to shout (he was very loud) -


“Nuts & Fruits with Gypsy Boots!”

                -Dan Bootzin

©2020 Gypsy Boots, LLC 
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